Prexies open school year with annual pep rally

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Washington School District’s Prexies pride reached regular season form Friday night when the district celebrated its sixth annual Prexie Community Rally.

Hundreds of students, administrators, teachers, alumni and community members gathered at Wash High Stadium to show big-time pride in their small school, as members of the elementary, middle and high school sports teams, cheerleading squads and band were introduced.

“This really just brings the community together. Being a Prexie is a whole different level of community. There’s a bond there, a real connection,” said Jodie Rhodes, a Wash High graduate who now coaches 10- and 11-year-old cheerleaders in the district. “The rally is an opportunity for us to meet all the kids playing in the fall, to put faces and names to numbers. It’s been a very good thing.”

Students return to school August 25.

Ninth-grade student Maci Ward, 14, and junior Qiahni Dates, 16, said they feel the event boosts school spirit for the upcoming school year. The girls are on the Prexies cheerleading squad, which performed for the crowd during the rally, along with the marching band.

Dr. Roberta DiLorenzo, superintendent, said the community rally has proven to be an effective way to “bring everybody together to celebrate the start of the new school year,” and it reinforces the district’s message of “Together we make a difference.”

Washington Financial Bank, Krency’s of Washington, Nickles Bakery and Quality Quik donated to the rally, which was organized by members of the school board’s activities committee.

The event has grown each year, said board member John Campbell Sr.

“We started out a few years ago with 30 people and one drummer, It keeps growing and growing,” said Campbell. “Kids get to see the teachers, our administrators and even our superintendent in a different light and it brings them closer together.”

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