Venom not the answer for immigration problems

August 16, 2014

In a answer to Pam Morosky’s letter, which appeared in the Aug. 6 edition of the Observer-Reporter, she is correct – America is the world’s garbage dump, if you consider people as garbage.

We have always been the garbage dump of the world, and may we always be so. People have always wanted to come here, not for freebies or handouts, but for the chance to have a better life, to live in freedom and to work toward becoming an American. Despite our problems, we are still the best place to live on the face of this planet. Except for our native Americans, we are all illegal immigrants. My grandparents were the garbage of Europe.

Do we have an immigration problem? Yes, we do. But spouting venom and pointing fingers won’t solve it. Perhaps a bit of compassion, a touch of kindness, a trace of love for our fellow man might help. America was once known for these virtues.

Richard Berardinelli



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