A long wait for Washington Rides

August 16, 2014

In response to your Aug. 9 article on long waits to be picked up by the Washington Rides transit service, I went through the same thing in June.

I had to wait three-and-a-half hours to get from my dentist’s office on Morganza Road back to the east end of Canonsburg. The receptionist called Washington Rides at least five times and was told someone was dispatched for my ride. The receptionist, a caring woman, took me home and went back to work.

Then, earlier this month, at the same dentist’s office, the wait took around two hours. When a van did show up, an elderly gentleman who was there waiting for several hours before I arrived was finally picked up. He asked the driver if he could pick me up also, since we were going in the same direction, and the driver said no.

About one hour later, a van came right past the door of the office and kept going to a stop sign. I ran out of the office and caught up with the driver and asked him if he was looking for me. The driver said he was and he didn’t know where he was going.

I understand that changes can be made in the name of progress, but Washington Rides is a disaster right now. So I hope things improve soon. What some of us riders are going through is a bit much.

Eloise Brooks



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