Corbett has my support

August 16, 2014

I think most of us can agree there isn’t much that’s more aggravating than paying taxes. I know the government needs the money to operate, but I think we all believe they go a bit too far at times, no matter what side of the ideological aisle you fall on.

In particular, there is one tax I loath entirely, and this is the property tax.

The fact that I can be charged an ever-increasing amount by my local school district on a house that I own and have paid off boggles my mind. I am just happy that someone has not only spoken up about this problem but is also actively trying to find taxpayers some relief.

Gov. Tom Corbett has pinpointed the major problem with the recent rise in property taxes and that is the steeply climbing costs associated with employee pensions. The vast majority of school districts have cited employee pension cost increases as the reason for asking for exceptions to increase property taxes above the permissible level without having a voter referendum.

Pension reform will truly mean property tax relief. With the tax relief associated with meaningful pension reform, my elderly neighbor doesn’t have to move out of the home he raised his children in. It will mean young couples can afford to buy their own homes. It will mean we all will have more money in our pockets to spend on what we want.

This is just own example of how Corbett is looking out for the taxpayers of this state and anyone who wants to lower my taxes is someone I can support.

Bill Adams

East Washington


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