How about some smooth roads?

August 18, 2014

I found the headline, “Transportation plan to impact area,” in Friday’s newspaper to be interesting.

State Sen. Tim Solobay says Pennsylvania invests hundreds of millions of dollars in Washington and Greene counties for road construction. Great, our hard-earned tax dollars at work, right?

But wait – why are the newly constructed roads and highways so bumpy?

Why spend hundreds of millions of dollars building new roads if the roads are so bumpy when the construction is completed? By what standards are our roads inspected? Every section of new road construction has the same awful surface undulations. No matter if I’m on the Pennsylvania Turnpike or local roads, the new pavement surface is terribly substandard.

I think the most obvious reason why the new roads are so bumpy is the “Fred Flintstone” heavy construction rollers they use to seal the hot blacktop. Isn’t there a better way to seal the roads? Why do we continue to use such old technology? Isn’t there a way to seal the final road surface in a way that it presents a smooth surface for all of us to drive on? Now wouldn’t that be a satisfying experience after waiting in traffic for delays, orange construction cones on almost every road, countless detours, and all of the other inconveniences we have to endure, that when they cut the yellow ribbon and release us onto newly constructed roads, we enjoy the satisfying experience of driving on a smooth surface. Is it really too much to ask?

Greg Moorehead



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