Respect the concerns of voters

  • August 23, 2014

Anyone can go to an estate auction and purchase automatic or semi-automatic rifles and shotguns without a background check being done.

This means any felon or crazy person can purchase these weapons without a record of the sale. This seems not to be a problem in Pennsylvania.

I have sent email messages to all of the representatives in this state and 85 percent of them sent messages back stating, “This is not my district.” But they represent the commonwealth. Therefore, whether it is their district or not, it still has to do with the gun laws in this state. We the people need to take a stand against the people we vote into office. They are there to ensure our laws are up to date, that the safety of our community, our schools, and public areas are their number one priority, not the corporations that contribute to their campaigns. We are the ones who put them in office, so they should have enough respect for voters to answer our concerns.

Veronica Thomas



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