Respect your Washington neighbors

August 23, 2014

In the letter about speeding by K. Burdell Brock that appeared in the Sunday newspaper, I completely understand where he is coming from. I was raised in Spraggs, so I know how those roads are – they are narrow, and two cars cannot fit on those roads.

We have the same problem here in Washington. I live in the middle of the city. The streets have cars parked on one side of them, which sometimes makes it difficult to see at certain intersections. And sometimes two cars cannot pass one another other because of potholes leftover from the winter. There are speeders who go through stop signs without a care.

I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment that Brock expressed: “I don’t understand how some people appear to be intelligent enough to give the government and politicians hell, and not smart enough to give their neighbors a little bit of respect and slow down.”

Marie Renner-Smith



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