Help the animals

August 23, 2014

It’s very sad to hear about how overcrowded the Greene County Humane Society is. I know many of the volunteers and they are great and the animals they care for would make wonderful companions. I also know they don’t close their doors to anyone wanting to dump off unwanted animals, so they remain a kill shelter.

With all the low-cost spay and neuter options in Washington and Greene counties, there is no reason cats should be breeding like they are unless they are so feral they can’t be captured. But it is likely people’s pets who are being forfeited. There are also people who don’t believe in altering animals and think kittens and puppies are wonderful when we, who do rescue work, know these babies soon become fully-grown animals that nobody wants.

Another hard fact is that almost every rental property advertised in the newspaper specifies no pets are allowed. How does any animal have a chance if landlords won’t give responsible tenants the right to have pets? Unfortunately, animal hoarders and neglectful tenants have hurt the chances for these animals to find homes.

It is shameful that a country as supposedly civilized and wealthy as this one still puts to death healthy animals for no good reason. There is enough cash in a single millionaire’s pocket to fund large sheltering areas where these cats and dogs could be treated humanely without being doomed to die. Instead of becoming wealthier and more heartless this nation needs to become kinder and gentler.

I hope more hearts open up to the Greene County cats and dogs, all the rescue agencies and all homeless animals everywhere.

Anita L.Biers



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