Vactor was a star off the field

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I want to compliment Bill DiFabio on the excellent article he wrote for the Aug. 17 edition of the newspaper about former Washington High School football star Norris Vactor.

I had Vactor in a chemistry class at Washington High School and I can attest to the fact that he was more than an athlete. He was a very bright student who worked hard at succeeding, and when I learned of the injury that ended his athletic career, I was saddened as most people who knew him were.

At a high school reunion, I had an opportunity to speak with Vactor and was glad to hear that he had a successful career in computer science and that he is back living in Washington. I also kept score for the basketball team when Vactor’s brother, Frank, played. If there had been three-pointers in those days, Washington High School would have been in the playoffs.

I never met their mother, but all that I heard about her caused me to have great respect for her. Parents today could take a lesson from her in rearing sons.

Clyde Clendaniel


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