Pennsylvania needs to legalize pot

August 25, 2014

When I read the the Associated Press article, “More schools mixing beer, football” in the Saturday newspaper, I thought of the Prohibition era. Happily, Americans realized the government cannot legislate the drinking habits of its citizens. Prohibition lasted only 13 years. I wonder how long it will take the Pennsylvania Legislature to lose its Carrie Nation-like attitude and follow the enlightened laws of some states and allow the recreational use of marijuana.

The article stated two reasons for allowing the drinking of beer at college football games: Cash-strapped athletic departments; and getting fans to the game, rather than sitting in front of their television sets or at sports bars. Is any state more cash-strapped than Pennsylvania? Colorado reported an income of $4.7 million for June from its marijuana sales tax.

It’s too bad the Steelers’ Levon Bell and Legarrette Blount did not drive in Colorado or Washington State.

Robert J. Pohl



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