Tempers flare in response to alleged dog abuse

August 27, 2014

Fiery comments followed the Observer-Reporter’s story Wednesday about a Spraggs man who allegedly tied his dogs to his truck and dragged them down a Wayne Township road last month.

William Wilkinson, 59, was charged with animal cruelty by Southwest Regional police.

The most common sentiment from Facebook posts and the newspaper comments section was “an eye for an eye.”

“Let’s tie him to a truck hitch and drag him for about 50-60 miles,” wrote Joyce Steinmiller Davis on the O-R’s Facebook page Wednesday.

Others quickly chimed in, offering to loan trucks and rope.

An O-R reader said the article made her cry.

Still, one person defended Wilkinson. Margaret Zollars said she knows him, and insists he would never hurt the dogs intentionally. She highlighted Wilkinson’s attempt to rescucitate the dog, and said the man is very sick.

She wrote, “Truth will come out in the hearing.”

The preliminary hearing is scheduled for Thursday.

Some readers said the justice system is too easy on abusers.

An O-R reader named “JJ” wrote, “The next story I read about this better not be that this guy got 20 hours of community service. No sane and safe person would do this, and to think he could means there is something seriously wrong and he doesn’t need to just get a slap on the wrist.”

According to Pennsylvania law, cruelty to animals is a summary offense.

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