Girl set to testify in Philly school abduction

  • August 27, 2014

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – A now 7-year-old girl abducted from her Philadelphia kindergarten and sexually assaulted could testify Wednesday in the trial of a former day care worker.

Prosecutors say 21-year-old Christina Regusters knew the victim from an after-school program and lured her from the classroom.

A doctor has told jurors about the devastating injuries the girl suffered in the overnight ordeal.

Regusters has been described as a good employee at the child care center, although she was suspended the day of the January 2013 abduction over attendance issues.

And prosecutors say she had molested a young relative and cut off her braids for threatening to tell.

The defense argues that police have the wrong suspect.

Witnesses have testified that security policies at the public school weren’t followed when the girl left class.


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