Man robbed at gunpoint at Canonsburg Town Park

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A North Strabane Township man told Canonsburg police he was robbed at gunpoint after he placed his two small children in his vehicle after leaving the swimming pool at Canonsburg Town Park Saturday.

Julian D’Angelo parked his vehicle off Crosbie Drive near the basketball courts and just finished putting his son and daughter in the vehicle when a older model, four-door silver Buick pulled up about 5 p.m., said police Sgt. Don Cross.

The car stopped and two black men with dreadlocks got out of the car, one from the front passenger seat and the other from the back seat. The two men approached D’Angelo. One of the men pulled out a small, black handgun and demanded D’Angelo give them everything he had, Cross said.

“He handed over the keys to his vehicle and iPhone,” Cross said. “They told him that wasn’t enough and they wanted cash. So he gave them the wallet containing $400 and credit cards. They took the phone and wallet.”

They got back into the car, driven by a light-skinned black woman with her hair cut short on one side and longer on the other, fleeing the wrong way on VFW 191 Drive. D’Angelo said the car had out-of-state license plates, perhaps from Ohio, describing the plate as having a cursive “O.”

Cross said the initial report came in as it was happening near the ballfields off Ridge Avenue, before determining it happened by the basketball court.

“There was a Chartiers Township cruiser in the area, so we thought we might have a good shot at catching them, but that didn’t work out,” Cross said.

A man who was at the park for a family event saw D’Angelo running and thought something might be wrong. The other man told Cross that the occupants of the silver Buick followed him from Interstate 79 into the park. He said the car went up North Central Avenue before turning onto Pitt Street.

Cross said police attempted to trace D’Angelo’s cellphone, but his carrier, AT&T, was not able to offer assistance. He said the phone was still turned on about an hour after the robbery. Police also will check for surveillance video in the area.

There was no one in the immediate area at the time of the robbery, Cross said.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 724-745-8020 ext. 539.

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