Time for Iraqi intervention

August 30, 2014

I agree with columnist Ross Douthat, “This time, it’s the right call to intervene in Iraq situation,” which appeared in the Observer-Reporter Aug. 12.

I have Kurdish friends who live in the Iraqi Kurdish province of Sulaymaniyah. Through our friendship I have been taught a lot of the history of Kurdistan. One of the very first things I learned about was the 1988 chemical weapons attack in the city of Halabja during Saddam Hussein’s genocidal campaign against the Kurds.

The Halabja Memorial Cemetery is filled with monuments and sculptures among the graves to memorialize over 5,000 Kurds who died when Iraqi jets dropped a mixture of mustard and poison nerve agents on them. In September of that year, the Washington Agreement was signed, bringing the Kurds together and forming their relationship with the United States. Through this alliance the Kurds played a key role in the toppling of Saddam Hussein.

I thank President Obama for his recent humanitarian intervention directing the religious minorities away from ISIS into the Kurdish region to seek refuge. I salute President Bush, our United States military and allies for the destruction of Saddam Hussein’s barbaric government and his capture.

I applaud President Clinton for his signing the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 into law. That act was cited as a basis of support in the congressional authorization for the use of military force in Iraq in October 2002.

I am very grateful to have been born in the United States and I am proud that we can take the lead to help others who are less fortunate.

Rebecca L. Simpson



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