Chartiers-Houston raises pollution flags

January 10, 2015
Chartiers–Houston Junior/Senior High School recently raised its first air-quality flag in the district and launched the Environmental Protection Agency’s School Flag Program with support provided by the Group Against Smog and Pollution. The program uses brightly colored flags to alert the community of daily air-quality conditions. Each morning, students will check the Air Quality Index forecast at and raise a colored flag that corresponds to the expected pollution level. After observing the flag, teachers and coaches will know what actions to take to protect the health of the students. A green flag indicates satisfactory air quality that poses little or no risk to health; yellow signals a moderate health concern; orange means unhealthy for sensitive groups, like children and people with asthma; red signifies unhealthy air for everyone; and purple means the air quality is very unhealthy and everyone should avoid all outdoor activity. Gary Popiolkowski’s seventh-grade students are shown after their first flag-raising. The flag was yellow.



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