Rep. Snyder introduces Lemon Law for motorcycles

May 5, 2015

State Rep. Pam Snyder, D-Jefferson, introduced legislation this week that would extend the Pennsylvania’s Lemon Law protections to motorcycle buyers.

Under Pennsylvania’s Lemon Law, manufacturers must replace, repurchase or compensate vehicle owners for defects that substantially impair its use, value or safety at no cost to the buyer. Snyder’s House Bill 1098 would extend those buyer protections to new and leased motorcycles registered in the state.

“Motorcycle purchases involve significant investments by their owners, who often use them as a primary means of transportation,” Snyder said. “The reasonable protections available for vehicle owners should apply to motorcycle owners.”

The law applies when a new vehicle cannot be repaired by a manufacturer-authorized dealership after three reasonable attempts. The defect also must occur within one year after delivery, 12,000 miles of use, or the term of the manufacturer’s express warranty, whichever comes first.

Snyder sent her bill to the state House’s Consumer Affairs Committee for consideration.



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