Nemacolin post office closing puzzles residents

August 15, 2015
Nemacolin Post Office closed after Friday business hours. According to a resident, the building was closed because of “health issues” at the building. - Photo courtesy of Angie Visnesky

Twelve miles may not seem like much, but for some Nemacolin residents, it’s way too far.

Nemacolin Post Office closed Saturday, notifying customers by placing a sign on the door. The sign directs customers to Carmichaels Post Office, more than 12 miles away, for their mail pickup.

“They didn’t let people know,” said Nemacolin resident Linda Dulik. “A lot of people walk to the post office and depend on it. Why put a sign like that and not give anyone warning?”

Dave Plavi, of Nemacolin, said he was told by a postal employee the building was closed because a different employee filed a complaint about black mold. According to Plavi, the employee said the decision was made Monday. A United States Postal Service representative did not return a call or email seeking comment.

He questioned why customers weren’t notified sooner about the closure. He said the closure is the most recent example of declining service, including reduced hours.

“A lot of people don’t have the ability to drive,” Plavi said. “It’s been ridiculous what’s going on there and now we have no service.”

There is no delivery from the facility, which offers counter service for postal products and post office boxes.

Plavi drove to Carmichaels Post Office to get his mail and said a half-dozen Nemacolin residents were outside waiting because their mail wasn’t ready for them.

Resident Angela Visnesky said by the time she picked up her mail Saturday, service was a lot smoother.

“They seemed to have a system worked out, but it should have been handled a heck of a lot better. If you look at the demographic of Nemacolin, we have a lot of elderly people who rely on the post office for their medication,” Visnesky said. “People just want to know how quickly it’s going to reopen.”

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