Hot Shots

It seems that even cold-blooded snakes like to check on the temperature before they head out for the day. Janet Philp was surprised to see this big fellow who had climbed up about five feet on the side of her house, near the front door.

Amy Lynn Tucker took this rainbow photo from her back porch after a recent rainstorm in Amwell Township.

Gary Yarbrough took this photo of a scarlet macau near Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

A bad place to stand? Staci Connolly said her 4-year-old daughter, Sofia, turned her outdoor playhouse into a Target, and then this deer stood right in front of it. Said Staci, "Oh, the irony!"

Edward Koman of Houston took this photo of sunset on the beach in Tarpon Springs, Fla.

Shelia Shuba took this photo of a couple of barn swallows that seemed to be enjoying a recent afternoon rain in Amwell Township.

Tammy Perkins shot this photo as she flew above the clouds over Charlotte, N.C.

When trying to catch some shut-eye at the Washington County Fair, one sometimes has to be very resourceful. Sheila McConn sent us this photo of her granddaughter, 9-year-old Skyelar McConn, taking a rest atop her 4-H market steer, Tylor.

Carol Brunetti took this photo of a field of sunflowers along Bebout Road in McMurray. She says it was like a burst of bright sunshine on a dreary day.

Janet Philp spotted this tiny frog after picking berries in her backyard in Eighty Four.

Estelle Woodburn of Independence Township took this photo of red silk on the Orville Redenbacher popcorn she's growing.

Malisa Silassy took this photo of a chipmunk in the flower beds outside Laurel Caverns.

This little guy was more than happy to pose for a photo by Erica Jestat-Garrison.

Kim Forrest took this photo of her backyard chickens, a barred Plymouth Rock and a buff Orpington. She said she hasn't named the chickens yet, in case she decides to eat them.

Karen Duke spotted this great blue heron while driving on mountain roads in Potter County.

Megan Ealy took this photo of an abandoned barn along Good Intent Road in East Finley Township.

Sandy Thomas took this photo of a squirrel holding a piece of bread while she was feeding the animals in Washington Cemetery.

Lizzie Woodburn took this photo of her friend "Mitchalope" skateboarding on a beautiful, sunny day in The Highlands in Avella.

Ashley Iseman took this photo at Cucumber Falls in Ohiopyle State Park.

Thom Spagnol made a recent trip to the Outer Banks, where he drove on the beach in his SUV with his three dogs. His retriever mix, Bonnie, dug a hole in the sand under the vehicle to stay cool in the shade and take her nap.

Stephen Ezarik took this photo of a bobwhite that spent a couple of months on his property in Scenery Hill.

Jimmy Ward took this photo of a lizard that was walking on the water in Hilton Head, S.C.

Ahoy, matey! Damaris Mayernik of Chesapeake, Va., took this photo of her son, Logan, waving to his dad, Noah, who is aboard the USS Nitze, which had just returned to Norfolk, Va., after an eight-month deployment. Noah is a son of Linus and Joyce Mayernik of Washington.

We've heard of ballhawks, but nothing like this. Vernie Dzura said this hawk landed on her peach-colored golf ball while she was playing at the Golf Club of Washington. She said the hawk stayed on the ball for 10 minutes. Trying to hatch it, maybe?

Brook Ward took this photo of the Milky Way.

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