Hot Shots

While walking through state gamelands near Scenery Hill, Stephen Ezarik came across some Asciepias Tuberosa, better known as butterfly or orange milkweed.

Carol Brunetti took this sunset photo from her deck in Peters Township.

Jordan and Larry Myers of Eighty Four discovered a sunflower growing from a tree in their yard. They believe a bird or squirrel may have hidden the seed in the tree for safekeeping, and it sprouted.

Estelle Woodburn of Indepdence Township took this photo of the Badlands in South Dakota.

David Woods watched this female ruby-throated hummingbird build her nest. After a couple of weeks, he started to see the little ones. Here, the mother is feeding the babies, only days old with their eyes still closed.

Beverly Sloane took this photo of a lizard calling for a mate in Ruskin, Fla.

Susan Jennings spotted several patches of mayapples growing along the trails at Washington Park.

Erica Jestat-Garrison took this photo as her cat, Beja, made a new friend.

Dick Earliwine of Washington spotted this turkey buzzard in his backyard.

Nikki Fordyce took this photo after calling her 5-year-old daughter, Makenzie, outside to look at a double rainbow at their Washington home.

Mary Hammel saw this female giant cyclops moth climbing up her purse outside the Shop 'n Save in Canonsburg.

Dennis Durbin took this photo of a deer that seemed to want to play peek-a-boo with him.

Allan Jack took this photo of a rainbow made by the mist over a waterfall in Yellowstone National Park.

Beth Signorini spotted this fox in Cecil Township on a recent morning.

While picking raspberries, Allan Jack spotted this garter snake curled up high in a multiflora rosebush.

Marian Moss took this photo of a gull silhouetted against the setting sun in Atlantic Beach, N.C.

Recycling definitely bears fruit. Gary Yarbrough says this is the first time in 40 years of gardening that he was eating ripe tomatoes in June. He covers the ground around his plants with mulch from his mulch bin and shredded paper.

Kerry Pigeon took this photo of a bumblebee hovering near a purple hosta flower at her home in Scenery Hill.

Kathy Swihart took this photo from Guano Point on the west rim of the Grand Canyon.

Estelle Woodburn of Independence Township took this photo of Hidden Lake in Glacier Park in Montana.

Not a bad view. Allan Jack took this sunrise photo from a balcony in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Karen Duke took this sunset photo while visiting Driggs, Idaho, near the Teton mountain range on the border of Idaho and Wyoming.

Rae Lynn Mastrangelo sent us this photo of a duckling parade that took place recently near the Southside Restaurant in Washington. Rae Lynn and others at the restaurant stopped traffic on South Street and South Main Street so the procession could make its way in safety.

Charlie the pet chicken met a very large friend in Tammy Perkins' yard in Scenery Hill.

Tom Northrop took this photo of the salt mines in Maras, Peru.

Chuck Shrump took this photo of the U.S. Navy's flight-demonstration squadron, the Blue Angels, at the recent Westmoreland County Air Show.

Carley Phillips spotted this massive colony of thousands of honeybees hanging out on a tree in her yard in North Franklin Township. Bee Control was summoned to remove and relocate the bees.

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