Hot Shots

Brook Ward took this expansive photo of the Grand Canyon.

Nick White spotted this Eastern-eyed click beetle while weeding recently.

"Can Carol come out to play?" Carol Brunetti took this photo of a turkey that came "knocking" at the front door of her McMurray home.

Guess we shouldn't be surprised that a horse took a liking to a ponytail. Sandy Thomas took this photo of her niece, 9-year-old McKenna Thomas of Washington, while the two were in Westfield, N.Y., to gather pictures from Amish country.

Karen Duke took this photo of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and a cargo ship against the setting sun while sailing back to the port of Baltimore.

"And the home ... of the ... braaaaaave!" It only seems like this baby bird is belting out the national anthem in front of an American flag, but Erica Jestat-Garrison of Washington thought it made for quite the patriotic scene.

Jocelyn Scears took this close-up of a praying mantis while on her lunch break at the 84 Lumber Sign Shop in Eighty Four. She says the mantis was quite captivated by her camera.

"Is it safe to come out yet?" That might be what this frog was wondering as he was spotted by Cathy Mohney of North Franklin Township while peeking out from under a lilypad following a recent round of showers.

Kerry Pigeon of Scenery Hill took this photo of a family of geese, with one of the parents urging the seventh gosling to get a move on, at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort.

Gary Yarbrough of Canonsburg says this was just one of many "awesome sunsets" he enjoyed on a recent trip to Presque Isle in Erie.

Kerry Pigeon spotted this cow and her calf on Dan Hughes' farm in Scenery Hill.

Nick White took this photo of a bee on a butterfly bush at his home in Canonsburg.

Brook Ward took this photo of a sunflower reflected in droplets of water.

Robin Seeber of West Alexander, who raises butterflies, took this photo of her first black swallowtail of the year, on a sweet fennel plant.

Robin Seeber took this close-up of a skipper butterfly and ants on a thistle.

Cathy Mohney of North Franklin Township took this photo of Magens Bay in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, from a lookout on a mountain road that winds its way down to the beach.

Lisa Lane of Canonsburg took this photo of a robin resting on a wire while fetching a meal for his little ones.

Traci Sims took this photo of gathering clouds over her family's farm in Lone Pine on a day when the area was under a tornado watch.

Carol Brunetti of McMurray took this photo of a soggy-bottomed baby robin who was having a very bad day. She says it appeared he was making his first flight, which ended on top of a swimming pool cover. Both parents were coaxing the youngsters to fly, but he had to be rescued with a net and released into the grass.

Jeff Filby of Bridgeville spotted this turtle sunning itself on a log while he was on a walk along the Ohio River near Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh.

Stephen Ezarik took this photo of a hawk that has been preying on other birds and rodents in his yard in Scenery Hill. Stephen said the hawk has been around for a number of years and keeps birds and squirrels on high alert.

Mindy Mercer took this photo of an iridescent cloud at her home in Canton Township. She says the colorful display is rare and occurs when water droplets scatter light.

Dennis Gould took this photo of a chipmunk resting on a (fortunately) fake alligator by his bird feeder.

Robin Seeber of West Alexander took this photo of a very photogenic lorakeet at the Oglebay Good Zoo near Wheeling.

Gary Yarbrough of Canonsburg noticed this new "housing development" while taking a hike at Wingfield Pines, off Mayview Road.

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