Hot Shots

Those flowers look good enough to eat. At least, that seemed to be the opinion of this deer caught in the act by Helen Mazza at Washington Cemetery.

Ashley Jestat held the shovel so this sand crab could "pose" for the photo taken by her sister, Erica Jestat-Garrison, during a family vacation on the Outer Banks.

Joseph Wiliuszis of New Eagle took this close-up of a Monarch butterfly.

Doug Corwin of East Washington took this photo of a goldfinch at his backyard feeder.

Susan Jennings captured this scene at Seneca Lake in Ohio.

Rachelle Edwards was startled by the appearance of this tomato hornworm as she was picking tomatoes from her plants. She did some research and found that the white, egg-like sacs are actually braconid wasp cocoons.

Marla Nicolella took this photo while on a morning walk along a trail in North Franklin Township.

Stephen Grzanka was intending to do some bow-hunting one recent morning near his home in Eighty Four. An equipment malfunction changed his plans, so Stephen opted for a walk in the woods and came across this scenic view.

Tina Lasko took this photo while walking down the boardwalk leading to Fire Island Lighthouse on Fire Island, off Long Island, N.Y.

Marena Malone, daughter of Keith and Rica Malone of Washington, has fun in the water at Mingo Creek County Park before the weather turns too cold for such activities. (Photo submitted by Rica Malone)

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