Greene County Most Wanted

#10 Jeremy M. Dickey

Wanted For: Theft/ Failure to Appear | Age 38 | Last Known Address: 183 Neff Road, Jefferson, PA 15344

#9 Jarrod R. Hinds

Wanted For: DUI/Failure to Appear | Age 46 | Last Known Address: 220 Lanz Rd, Waynesburg, PA 15370

#8 Mark Nickl

Wanted for Theft/Failure to Appear | Age 22 | Last Known Address: 240 N. College Street Washington, PA 15301

#7 Thomas M. Jacobs

Wanted for Simple Assault- Failure to Appear | Age 52 | Last Known Address: 529 Sugar lane, Clarksville, PA 15322

#6 Joshua A. Ruse

Wanted for DUI- Failure to Appear | Age 35 | Last Known Address: PO Box 41 Main Street, New Freeport, PA 15352

#5 Randall E. Hegedis

Wanted for DUI/ Failure to Report to Prison | Age 57 | Last Known Address: 120 Jefferson Street, Mount Morris, PA 15349

#4 Anna Nehls

Manf/Del/Poss/W-Intent Man. Or Del/ Failure to Appear | Age 29 | Last Known Address: 243 Main Street Apt. A Fayette City, PA 15438

#3 Brittany Hager

Wanted for Drug Manf/Del/Poss/W-Intent Man. Or Del/ Failure to Appear | Age: 29 | Last Known Address: 146 West Franklin Street, Apartment 2, Waynesburg, PA 15370

#2 Cory Ball

Wanted for: Theft By Unlaw Taking-Movable Prop/Failure to appear | Age: 20 | Last Known Address: 277 Water Tank Road Greensboro, PA 15338

#1 John C. Phillips

Wanted For: Flight to Avoid Apprehension/Trial/Punish-Resisting Arrest/Simple Assault(Failure to Appear) | Age 43 | Last Known Address: 183 Neff Road, Jefferson, PA 15344


The following photographs and names are provided to the public as a public service of the Greene County Sheriff's Office. The Greene County Sheriff's Office makes every effort to update offender information on a timely basis. However, as this information is continually changing, some offenders may have already been apprehended. Therefore, the Greene County Sheriff's Office makes no expressed or implied guarantee concerning the accuracy of this information.

Further, changes to this information may be made at any time and without notice. The Greene County Sheriff's Office assumes no liability for damages, directly or indirectly, as a result of errors, omissions or possible discrepancies.

Anyone who uses this information to commit a criminal act against another person is subject to criminal prosecution. Under no circumstances should anyone other than an authorized law enforcement official attempt to apprehend or confront one of these offenders.

For additional information or to submit a tip concerning information on or the whereabouts of one of these offenders, please contact the Greene County Sheriff's Office at 724-852-5388. All tips are confidential and you are not required to provide your name.

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