Hot Shots

Ralph Taylor took this photo near No. 4 dam at sunrise.

Jeff Filby of Bridgeville took this photo of a large iguana while visiting the Mayan ruins at El Rey in Cancun, Mexico.

John Benko feeds about a dozen squirrels, along with raccoons, rabbits and other wildlife. Several of the squirrels will eat right from his hand, and John thinks they'd come inside the house if he'd let them.

Kerry Pigeon of Scenery Hill took this photo of Christmas lights around the lagoon at Kennywood Park.

Jodi Derrow took this photo at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., while on a South Strabane Township bus trip.

Robin Seeber took this photo of a tufted titmouse awaiting sunflower chips on her farm in West Alexander.

Kerry Pigeon took this photo of a black-capped chickadee perched in a Bradford pear tree in her backyard in Scenery Hill.

Doug Corwin of East Washington took this photo of the bones of a juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex during a recent visit to the Carnegie Museum.

On a recent rainy, warmer-than-usual day, Tom Guckert of Eighty Four spotted this rainbow from his front yard.

Beth Signorini took this photo of migrating snow geese that made a stop in Robinson Township.

Doug Smith sent us this photo by Cory McAfee of the Archer No. 1 Schoolhouse, home of Morris Township Historical Society. Both Doug and Cory are from Prosperity.

Gary Freeland and Ryan Dates spotted this owl near Arden Road in Washington.

Brenda Mahan captured this snowy, scenic view when she and her husband took a trip to Coopers Rock State Forest in West Virginia on Thanksgiving.

Jonathan Flickinger and his 10-week-old daughter, Lydia Rose, enjoyed "light-up night" at the family's South Fayette home.

Kerry Pigeon of Scenery Hill took this photo on snowy Thanksgiving Eve in Mingo Creek County Park.

You surely don't want to cross the center line here. Albert Hall of Canonsburg took this photo of a train traveling down the middle of Main Street in West Brownsville.

Tammy Perkins took this photo of a red-bellied woodpecker that her family calls "Fred." She says the feathered friend has been visiting their place for the past two years.

Ann Newman of Waynesburg sent us this close-up photo of a turkey.

Christan Mitchell took this photo of the sun rising over Southpointe.

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