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Amanda Durbin took this photo of a honeybee attracted by a sweet-smelling milkweed plant.

Stephen Ezarik recently had the opportunity to watch a box turtle make its slow but steady walk through his yard after a rain. Stephen said the turtle had to go about 100 yards through the yard to make it back to the woods where it lives.

Stephen Ezarik spotted two great spangled fritillary butterflies that were feeding on a milkweed plant.

Bear with us on this one. There once were three bears - Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear - who were abandoned along Cove Road in South Franklin Township. A noble group of volunteers cleaning up litter along the road, which runs beside the No. 4 Dam reservoir, discovered the large stuffed toys in the woods and stacked them with bags of collected garbage. Sometime during that night, the bears apparently were rescued by a passerby (we'll call her "Goldilocks") who thought them not too big, not too small, but just right. (Photo by Alice Burroughs)

David McKenery took this photo of his granddaughter enjoying a beautiful sunset in Cardiff-by-the-Sea in Encinitas, Calif.

Jim Chambers took this photo of a private vineyard in Monteveglio, Italy, near Bologna.

Zaiden Moore, son of D.J. Moore and Shana Hayes, shares a drink with Zola while at his Aunt Christy's house in South Franklin Township. (Photo submitted by Elaine Moore)

Erica Jestat-Garrison took this photo of the biggest frog in her pond.

Amanda Durbin took this photo of a fully opened rose covered in raindrops after a recent storm.

Beth Signorini saw this nest of baby Eastern kingbirds at a pond near McDonald.

Grace Northrop took this photo of one of the floating islands on Lake Titicaca in Peru.

Myrta Litman took this photo of a rainbow that looks as if it begins and ends at trees on Huntington Farm in Canton Township. At least she knows where to look for the pot of gold.

Stephen Ezarik took this photo of a Western salsify, a yellow, flowering weed that resembles a dandelion but is much larger. This photo shows the flower after it went to seed.

Diana Morris took this photo of beautiful red flowers brightening the woodland landscape.

Tina Lasko was roaming around Pumpkin Run Park in Rices Landing when she came across this rotting Dryad's Saddle, sometimes called the Pheasant Back mushroom. Tina said the mushrooms are edible and delicious if found fresh in early spring.

Brook Ward took this photo of an Aymara woman at Lake Titicaca in Peru.

Please, somebody open the door! John Benko took this photo of his cat, Timmy, intently watching a baby bunny on the back deck.

Nick White took this photo of a Jack-in-the-Pulpit flower in Warren County.

Beth Signorini found these cedar waxwings dust-bathing in Cecil Township.

This baby bird found itself in quite a predicament. Stephen Ezarik said the bird apparently fell from its nest and ended up in the middle of a road in Scenery Hill. Stephen and his wife came to the rescue and relocated the youngster.

Doug Corwin of East Washington took this photo looking generally northward along the ridge of Tuscarora Mountain, near Fort Loudon in Franklin County and Cowan's Gap State Park.

Diana Cummins took this photo of sunrise through the fog in Dague Hollow in Scenery Hill.

Chris Childs took this photo of a hummingbird hawk-moth feeding on dame's-violet nectar in Eighty Four.

Robin Seeber was getting ready to take a photo of a baby robin in West Alexander just as its mother arrived with a tasty caterpillar.

While clearing the fence line on his farm, Tom Guckert of Eighty Four found this hummingbird nest. He said the little bird was no bigger than the tip of his little finger, and the nest was about 2 inches wide.

It's the old "sneak attack." Mary Holmes took this photo of her bulldog, Dori, giving Mary's grandson, James Evans Jr., a good ear cleaning.

It's tough to hide in greenery when you're a white cat. Barbara Crabtree took this photo of Naunie as he poked his head out of the daylilies in her garden.

Gary Yarbrough took this photo of fiddlehead ferns growing on his property.

Kathy Atkinson was at work in North Strabane Township when she spotted this fawn that was resting while its mother was away foraging for food.

David Eaton took this photo of an oak tree illuminated by a sunset in Crucible.

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