State police appointment marked by childish behavior

Poet Maya Angelou once observed that “most people do not grow up,” and that they still retain a childlike nature once all the accumulated knowledge and strains of adulthood are scraped away.

Editorial voices from around Pennsylvania

Excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers around Pennsylvania as compiled by the Associated Press:

Compassion? No, that would violate the rules

Labor unions have suffered plenty of wounds over the last 40 years or so, some of them self-inflicted.

Editorial voices from elsewhere

Excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers in the United States and abroad as compiled by the Associated Press:

Out with the trash

Letters to the editor are among the most highly read items in this newspaper. In fact, readership surveys have shown they are second only to obituaries in readership. We wish more readers would take advantage of this opportunity to express their opinions because their ideas often inspire debate in...

Politics at play in PSU speaker dispute?

The president of Penn State University got an earful the other day from some Republican state lawmakers who are in a snit because two groups of PSU students heard remarks from a onetime violent anti-war activist.

Mt. Lebanon must still deal with deer

Mt. Lebanon’s controversial deer cull came to an abrupt end last week, and if you tally up the amount of rancor it generated to the number of deer actually killed, the ratio would be at least 1,000-to-1.

Pozonsky should lose his pension

The admission by former Washington County judge Paul Pozonsky last week that he had, in fact, been “sampling” the evidence in some of the drug cases that came before him brought the 1950s prisoner-of-war drama “Stalag 17” to mind.


Tax concertgoers at amphitheater

It seems like it’s time someone opens the eyes of school directors who want to raise property taxes in order to increase wages, pensions and perks for teachers and administrators.

A stink at the courthouse

There is a huge stink in downtown Washington these days, and it’s coming from the Washington County Courthouse.

Health can be improved with determination

I would like to thank the Observer-Reporter, the Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness Center, trainer Kendra Boni and my teammates on the Observer-Reporter team for making the “Biggest Winner” contest at the Wellness Center such an enjoyable experience.

Get rid of fraternities

Given one deplorable incident after another, is it not time to disband college fraternities, which have proven to be a force representing what is wrong in society?

Socialist “threat” is used to frighten

I recently read Jim Greenwood’s Feb. 1 letter, “The public interest is under assault.” I was impressed enough to clip it so I could occasionally re-read it. Few letters hit the nail as squarely on the head.

Two standards of justice

I wish the state attorney general’s office and Visiting Judge Daniel Howsare would take the time to view the Facebook page of former Judge Paul Pozonsky before he is sentenced in July. He and his wife posted numerous photos of the wonderful time they were having in Alaska, toasting with...

No reason to divide Israel

I am writing in response to your editorial in Sunday’s paper, “Netanyahu’s victory bad news for two-state solution”.

Union rights are civil rights

I am unable to control the outrage I feel after reading the March 17 letter by John Manning about labor unions.

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