A dam will be rebuilt. When remains a question

Later this month, Ryerson Station State Park will mark the 10th anniversary of the demise of Duke Lake.

Stopping an epidemic in its tracks

Conservatives frequently rail about Hollywood being in the pocket of liberal Democrats, but there’s not much of a chance comedian Jim Carrey is going to be breaking bread with California Gov. Jerry Brown any time soon.

Leave the fireworks to the professionals

Pennsylvania’s fireworks laws are enough to make your head explode.

What about July 2?

The United States of America will celebrate its independence on Saturday with picnics, parades and fireworks. But if you choose to celebrate the birth of the nation today – the second day of July – you are perfectly justified in doing so, because it was 239 years ago today that the...

Beware of the extremist down the street

The savage massacre of nine parishioners at a historic black church in Charleston, S.C., two weeks ago by a young man barely out of high school serves as a reminder of how stubbornly persistent racism can be and the appalling ease by which the unhinged can get their hands on lethal weaponry.

Don’t ask about baseball

Pete Rose is known for having been one of the best and most aggressive baseball players in the history of the game when he was a switch hitter for the Cincinnati Reds, and for being banished from Major League Baseball after it was found that he had bet on games while he was the manager of the Reds...

An election with consequences

Some pundit somewhere has almost certainly proclaimed that the 2016 presidential election will be “the most important election in our lifetime.”

New rec center will be landmark for Greene County

After planning for years to build a new recreation center near Waynesburg, Greene County Memorial Hospital Foundation settled on a spot that will give it a blank canvas it can use to create a masterpiece.


I won’t vote for Irey Vaughan

I didn’t vote for Washington County Commissioner Diana Irey Vaughan in 2011, and won’t this year, either. This comes from the heart of a member of the state Republican committee and someone who serves selflessly on Canonsburg Borough Council, committed to serving one, four-year term,...

Doing right but being punished

On June 24, I had an appointment in Washington and parked at 95 W. Beau St. I put a quarter in the meter, which did not register. I put a second quarter in, which also did not register. Being persistent, I added a third quarter. I smacked the meter and the red “expired” notice...

Look toward the future

I read with interest the letter that John Quayle wrote about President Obama that was in the June 28 edition of the Observer-Reporter. It saddens me to say his criticism of the president is 100 percent correct. I agree with all that he wrote and some of the statistics he cited are truly...

Murphy proposal will boost big funders

When I read the Observer-Reporter’s recent article, “Congressman Murphy reintroduces mental health bill,” I thought the story should have pointed out U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy’s tight connections with the pharmaceutical companies and psychiatric hospitals that are...

Consign Confederate flag to history

There is some validity to the statement that the Confederate flag controversy is complicated, but a solution is reasonable and sensible.

Honor and respect for military

This spring and summer, we have had three days honoring our great country: Armed Forces Day; Memorial Day; and Flag Day. A fourth, Independence Day, is Saturday.

Open season on morality

Really Observer-Reporter? The U.S. Supreme Court, with great controversy, approves gay marriage. OK, but do you think that it is in good taste to post a photo of two men kissing in your paper?

Avella going backwards

Instead of progressing forward, Avella is going backwards. I can remember when the town had six or seven grocery stores and they all thrived. Now, we just have a convenience store, which is better than nothing at all.

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