‘Protective services’ that are failing to protect

It’s been said you can tell a lot about a society by the way it treats its weakest members. If that’s the case, the United States appears to be falling well short in one critical area: protecting its most at-risk children.

Reporting on a dreadful toll

When many daily newspapers either ignored them or treated them with condescension, African-Americans launched a host of newspapers around the country in the 20th century that spoke directly to their concerns, advocated forcefully against Jim Crow laws and for their full rights as citizens.

Slowly but surely, progress being seen in Nemacolin

Nemacolin was once considered a model community.

A breach of protocol

The English monarch can no longer order armies into battle. That task is now left to the elected government of Britain. In fact, there’s little that the English royal family does that isn’t entirely ceremonial. They’re less symbols of majesty than continuity. If the British...

The price to put it in ‘park’

When you’re driving in the parts of Pittsburgh where finding a parking space is about as likely as coming across a near-mint Shakespeare First Folio at the local thrift shop, you have those moments where you swear you would give just about anything to find a sliver of concrete to put your...

Editorial voices from elsewhere

Editorial voices from newspapers around the country as compiled by the Associated Press:

A blow to America’s moral authority

If you heard about a country where its detainees were stripped naked, deprived of sleep for a week, confined to a coffin-style box for 11 days, subjected to “rectal rehydration,” and doused over and over again with ice water, you would likely assume it’s one of those...


No need for auto accident photo

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and I believe that there is credence to that expression. But I must take exception to the photograph displayed on the front of the Tuesday edition of the Observer-Reporter.

Stop the whining

I have never heard so much whining since the day I announced I was filing for a divorce.

A pox on both their houses

“Dereliction of duty” and “a pox on both their houses” are the phrases that come to mind in reviewing the most recent actions of Congress.

Protect animals, don’t kill them

I am writing in response to the Dec. 7 letter from Rich Walker who suggested reducing the number of deer in Washington Cemetery through live trapping or hunting.

Selective thinking on Death with Dignity?

Recently, the Observer-Reporter has published articles, letters and an editorial about Death with Dignity. There are bills in the Pennsylvania Legislature about this subject, and I support their passage.

The Catholic Church is not hypocritical

In Bob Willison’s Nov. 30 letter, he demonstrates that he doesn’t understand the Catholic faith.

Stop low turnout complaints

Once again another complaint about low voter turnout, this time in a Wednesday letter from Barry Andrews, disappointed that his candidates lost. I’m going to go out on a limb here, and I’ll posit that he did not support the Republican candidates. Would Andrews have written this letter...

A land where love is sparse

I recognize that poetry is not the usual format for letters to the editor, but the subject at hand struck me as more amenable to poetry than prose.

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