Hope for Greene water customers

A plan now being discussed under which the Dunkard Valley Joint Municipal Authority would be acquired by the Southwestern Pennsylvania Water Authority should provide some hope for customers of the small Dunkard Valley authority.

Anti-discrimination bill is a no-brainer

There isn’t much that the commonwealth’s elected leaders can agree on these days, but five area legislators found a little common ground last week with initial support of an anti-discrimination bill.

Pillaging and plundering history

In a museum somewhere, there needs to be a plaque paying tribute to Khalid al-Asaad.

Editorial voices from elsewhere

Excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers in North America as compiled by the Associated Press:

The Steelers will do what it takes to win

Along with the Super Bowl trophies and the roll call of Hall-of-Fame players, part of the mythology surrounding the Pittsburgh Steelers is they are a professional sports franchise committed to doing things “the right way” – they want to uphold high standards of personal...

High cost of news

The shooting death in Virginia of a reporter and cameraman on live television Wednesday morning shocked the nation and lit up social networks.

Too many packing heat

Two weeks ago, two of our area’s state representatives sponsored a seminar on Pennsylvania’s law regarding the carrying of guns. During that event, it was mentioned 28,000 residents of Washington County have licenses to carry a concealed weapon.

Let third-party candidates appear on the ballot

Compared to other countries, political parties outside the U.S.’s two-party duopoly tend to operate on the peripheries, and it’s not hard to comprehend why.


Theater of the absurd

Republican leaders in Harrisburg are responding to the state budget impasse with increasing doses of absurdity.

A newfound, sober life

With the terror of drug addiction ravaging Washington County and many other counties in the region, I feel it is my duty as a recovering drug addict to spread the hope of my newfound sober life.

Learn from the Steelers

My love has increased for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Step forward and demand change

If one seeks to measure corruption within our local justice system, just look at the facts. We have witnessed the fall of a county judge, one local chief of police and one city policeman.

Clean up the ramps

Washington is a city known for our advantageous location, at the intersection of interstates 70 and 79. It’s a great location where weary road warriors can stop to eat, shop, or rest. We have numerous entrance and exit ramps that invite travelers to pause on their journeys and visit...

Check reassessment notices

Anyone in Washington County who received a reassessment notice from Tyler Technologies should check the measurements carefully. Tyler over-measured our home and detached structure, and also that of our neighbors, so it is not an isolated problem. A couple of feet here and there may not seem like a...

Slow down on the roads

The Observer-Reporter’s Aug. 21 editorial on the National Safety Council’s finding that highway fatalities are projected to rise 25 percent this year noted that two main reasons are speeding, which we can take measures to control, and distracted driving, which is a lot more difficult...

Trump gets things done

I agree with Pam Morosky’s Thursday letter: Donald Trump is impulsive, arrogant, self-righteous and a bully; in other words, he gets things done!

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