The hardest message to receive

Bill Cosby was once beloved and believed to be almost beyond reproach, but for the last couple of months an odor as overpowering as a rendering plant on a July afternoon has followed him around, thanks to the increasing number of allegations that the comedian drugged and sexually assaulted women at...

Create a plan for Mather coal site

Last week, we reported the Greene County Industrial Development Authority is in the discussion stages of developing a strategy to determine possible uses for the Mather coal refuse dump once reclamation work at the site is completed.

Being penny wise and pound foolish

Unless you’re living off the grid and subsisting on nuts and berries gathered in the deep woods, you’ve experienced the, um, joy of being parked in an endless queue when you call a toll-free number to get assistance with a consumer-related issue.

More than lip service needed in heroin fight

Since Pennsylvania ranks third in the nation for heroin addiction, you would think a fiercely waged war on this particular drug – or, at least, a battle to treat those who have been ravaged by it – would be in order.

Editorial voices from elsewhere

Editorial voices from newspapers around the country as compiled by the Associated Press:

For starters, Governor, try thinking small

Gov. Tom Wolf took his oath of office Tuesday, outlining some rather lofty goals: creating good-paying jobs, equalizing educational opportunity in public schools and providing a “government that works.” He plans to achieve these goals by levying a new tax on the gas industry,...

An empty ‘victory’: JoePa gets his wins back

In the pantheon of meaningless “victories,” the restoration of 111 of late Penn State football coach Joe Paterno’s wins in a settlement between the university and the NCAA ranks right up there.

Falling short on liberty, equality and fraternity

In the two weeks since the killings at the Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper in Paris by two brothers who fell under the spell of Islamic extremism, France embarked on a hard and painful reckoning of how terrorism of such brutality could have been perpetrated by young men who were born and come of...


A sufficent punishment

I read with disgust the Jan. 20 letter from Bob Sabot about the decision by Washington County Common Pleas Judge Valarie Costanzo not to accept the plea agreement of Joshua Rush, a Washington police officer. What does Sabot feel would be a fair and just punishment?

Already playing favorites

I agree with Dee Donaldson’s Thursday letter expressing disappointment with former state Sen. Tim Solobay’s appointment as the state fire commissioner.

Two strong women

My mother passed away in 2013, and she was a role model for what a strong, smart woman should be. My mother worked in business most of her life and gave much to her community. She believed in making the world a better place.

Civil Rights Movement was personally significant

I enjoyed the insightful Jan. 18 article on the Civil Rights Movement in Washington and Southwestern Pennsylvania more generally. I was somewhere in the photo that was published of the demonstration in Washington and still recall composing our letters and marching down Main Street. I also recall...

Wanted: A community college

The so-called brainiacs, when making plans for Southpointe, didn’t include something Washington County could have surely used – a community college of its own.

Photo represented a good game

With all due respect to Sally Brown-Pawlosky, her Jan. 18 letter showed that she missed the message of the photo to which she referred.

Another conversation on education

I found reading the Jan. 13 Observer-Reporter editorial, “Community college plan a conversation starter” rather interesting.

Solobay the most qualified?

The Good Old Boys Club is alive and well in Harrisburg.

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