Monongahela Ghostbusters Halloween display has gone viral

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MONONGAHELA – A Monongahela restaurant’s Ghostbusters-themed Halloween display has been paying off for the business.

Stories about Angelo’s II Bar and Restaurant and its three-story, lighted creation that includes large, green tentacles poking out of windows have appeared on CNN, BuzzFeed, the “Today Show” and Fox News, and in newspapers across the country, owner Ryan Dzimiera said.

“It’s been on everything,” said Dzimiera, whose restaurant and bar have never been as busy since the story broke Sunday.

“What a great marketing idea,” said Dorothea Pemberton, executive director of the Monongahela Area Chamber of Commerce.

She said many people are stopping in front of the building at Third and West Main streets to take selfies with the monsters.

“It’s hilarious,” Pemberton said.

A large Stay Puft Marshmallow Man stands on the roof, a tribute to an evil character that came to life in the movie “Ghostbusters.” 

Dzmieira said he and his Uncle Pete came up with the idea around Easter and found someone to custom design the tentacles.

The publicity has brought people from Pittsburgh to town to take photographs and pack the family-operated, American-style restaurant.

“On Monday morning my phone was ringing nonstop,” Dzimiera said.

“They were slammed last night,” added Kathy Ross, while working Wednesday in Sweets by Mrs. C. across the street from Angelo’s.

The restaurant is in the ornate Odelli Building, a former market that made a fortune selling roasted peanuts to patrons of a movie theater.

“People have been meeting here for 95 years. We might as well continue the tradition,” Dzimiera said.


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